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After School & Extracurricular

Extracurricular Activities

Archery Team

Member of NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program)

Available for 7th & 8th grades

This is a competitive team formed to promote the sport of archery, and to improve not only archery skills, but also self-confidence and mental focus in each student.

Try-outs are held each fall.

2011- 1st place Regionals

           2nd place State Championships

         12th place Nationals

Melanie Coultas, Coach

Scholars’ Bowl

Available for 7th & 8th grades

Scholars’ Bowl is a competition style format that uses buzzers and oral questions on a variety of topics including English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Current Events, Sports, Art, Literature, etc.  Try-outs in August

Veronica Johnson, Sponsor

Indian Education

A national program that identifies Native American students and helps them explore their Native American history, roots, and culture.  Only students who have been identified as American Indian can participate.  I have the applications forms for tribal membership for those students who are American Indians, but who have not yet applied to a tribe.

Morgin Ricks, Sponsor

BMS Ambassadors

Available for 8th graders

We are the hosts and hostesses for special events within our school. This year we hosted Veterans Day and headed up the canned food drive that collected over 4000 items for those in need. Teachers nominate Ambassador candidates at the beginning of every school year.

Rusty Hughes, Sponsor

Builders Club

Available for 7th and 8th graders

Our objective is to provide for and participate in service projects in our school and community. A membership drive is held at the beginning of the school year. Student prospects are asked to complete an application and to get a teacher endorsement.

Our current projects are the New Market Toy Drive, collecting can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham, and picking up the grounds a couple of times a month.

Click here for more information.

Haven Daniels, Sponsor

BMS Yearbook Staff

Each year a handful of eighth grade students are chosen to help create and design the yearbook. Students on the yearbook staff, take pictures, design pages, and edit the book.  Students on the staff are nominated by their Language Arts teachers at the end of their seventh grade school year because students need to have superior writing and editing skills.   

Shannon Pilotte, Sponsor 

BMS Football

7th and 8th grade

We compete against other local 7th and 8th grade teams

Current students must go through Spring and Summer workouts to play

Both teams combined 26-19 record over last 3 years ( 10-6 last year)

Spring off-season workouts begin in February, 2 days a week, after school for 6th and 7th graders interested in playing next year. Spring training practice is a full contact evaluation period beginning in mid-April. Look for a player/parent meeting in mid to late January at BMS.

Matt Rogers, Coach

Lady Bucks Volleyball

Teams consist of a seventh grade team and an eighth grade team.  Lady Bucks seventh and eighth grades play in tournaments throughout the season as well as compete against the other large county schools.   The eighth grade won the County Championship for 2011-2012, and our goal for this year is for both the seventh and eighth grade teams to win the County Championship.  Tryouts are held in late April or early May.  In order to try out, one must have a current physical and a C average or above.  The coaches look for athletic ability, attitude, and coachability.

Amanda Marks, Coach

Lego Robotics

7th and 8th graders

Objective: Competitive robot missions, research, and team building

To join this 10 person group you must apply. Requirements for application:  4th percentile in math/science on the ARMT and or SAT’s, A –B average in math and science, 3 teacher recommendations.

You must also be willing to meet after school 2 days a week from September – first part of December.  Membership to this group is roughly  $75.00 to cover costs of t-shirts and each year’s different  mission challenge.

We have just finished this year’s qualifying challenge of Food Factor ( deals with transporting food with as little contamination as possible) where we won the Research Award, Outstanding Mentor, and placed 6th in missions points.

It’s fun, maddening, exciting, teaches life skills, and is productive.

Nona Beth Rogers, Sponsor

 Buckhorn Middle Basketball

7th and 8th grades

 Boys and Girls teams have tryouts in the Spring. They learn the fundamentals of basketball and the importance of team work. We also try to instill a winning attitude in the athletes. Our goal is to establish a sense of School pride and to give the athletes the necessary tools to be successful.

Amanda Marks, Girls Coach

Doybe Willis, Boys Coach

Tryouts during the Spring Semester

Buckhorn Middle Softball
7th and 8th grade girls

 Evaluation Period for Softball is held during the first semester of each year.

    Our objectives are:

  • To provide a Softball Program / environment for players, coaches & parents that the entire   Buckhorn family & community will be proud of;
  • To develop skills through good work habits that will lead to playing softball at the next level/and to become the County Champs each season;

To develop lifelong friends in an environment of dedication and purpose both on and off the field.

2011 COUNTY CHAMPS during Buckhorn Middle School’s first year. FEAR THE DEER!